Posted by kll on June 23 2014 17:15:58
for start of ARDUINO WATER MONITORING pls read first

as i got a email with questions how to get simultaneous data from several sensors
and i am willing to help i unpack and setup my arduino boxes again.
As all this original project is shipped ? and running? in bangkok now
i only have some arduino boards to play with, no way to test with communication to sensors...

First i need check whats the status of the arduino software,
i read still 1.0.5 ( but that project was done with 1.0.3 )
but there is a 1.5.6 r2 now ( with the 1.5.6. beta i could not work )
download, unpack, link...

status of my project:
on the project blog i find a link error ( repaired )
from download area revision status 0.4
internal there is a 0.4b revision with the tests about the unsolved serial problems.

i will use the official 0.4 version and start with it as 0.5
to prepare some menu modifications for a batch of reading several sensors every 2 minutes.