ARDUINO PROJECT: Power Monitor Tool Box V2
Posted by kll on September 09 2013 08:45:45
Power Monitor Tool Box V2 PMTV2

This workover of the EMON version with variouse extensions for GPRS, WIFY, WIFLY
and local touchscreen connection
also includes revisioning now to Arduino 1.0.5

while for working reasons in the old versions all changed libraries..
where inside the project, i now moved them back to libraries.
But it is not possible to put several libraries into a project subdirectory inside the libraries folder
( look like that libraries folder needs a flat structure for IDE to find something )
So i used a namechange to mark all that libs. "libdirname_PMTV2"
now you easy see what libs are added for that project to the original arduino libs.

But also as i used a change / MOD in one of the core files
i need a revisioning ( to arduino 1.0.5 ) there too. In
WString.cpp, WString.h still can not handle float / double numbers
searched again where that MOD come from i find this. copy in, compile works.

But in the 1.5.3 beta ( same as 1.0.5 betta 3 ) there is a remark that real to string is included,
so i have to try that version too.
now there i again need the project libs, but not the MOD
and i get compile error about serial1
but after i changed BOARD to ARDUINO MEGA 2560
it worked. Where i lost my board settings?
ok, thats tricky:
now have 2 subdir,
thats why that different error happens, at first use arduino153
creates a new preferences file in a new subdir with a default of BOARD UNO.
very good!
need to change again:
editor.font=DejaVu Sans Mono,plain,14

for the oO0, 1lL problem

as there is a situation for a actual 4 line emon project
it would be good for upgrade project code to V2.0 and arduino 1.0.5,
but somewhere in the last year work i lost more as 2 kB flash
and the 4 line GPRS SMS project will not fit into UNO again?
digging if it is a library problem / a not needed library what can not be disabled by compiler switch / with the hope i can solve it easy.