Posted by kll on February 21 2013 22:54:13
after i got a virgin AVR ATMAGA328P-PU cpu
then burned it with bootloader and build up the environment for uploading sketches
to that cpu in a breadboard
i call it a new project: my uDUINO ( say "my micro duino" )

for the cpu there are following basic hardware ad ons:

-- reset button and 10k pullup
-- 16MHz crystal and 2 * 22pF to GND
-- Dout13 330R LED yellow to GND
-- 5VDC controller with elco, 330R LED green, ( f.e. powered by a 7 ..12VDC adapter)

working with arduino board you are used to the named header pins
now, on the breadboard, you need to know additionally the cpu pin numbers
so i started to document them in the sketch too.

now, whats the project about?
i use the old RGB LED control TMPB2 project
up to version V03 i could control 2 RGB LED 12V strips via LT3060 power repeater
and 2 pushbuttons for operation.

as with my uDUINO hardware and TMPB2 V04 sketch i need to connect
-- 2 pushbuttons
and as a first test, to see if still all is working, the
-- LT 3060 control input to RGB Dout 3,5,6 and 5V+, and 70 cm LED strip (12V)
-- 12 VDC instead of the 9 VDC adapter
possible 2 powersupplies will be connected and supply the 5VDC controller via diodes
this separates the 12 VDC supplies to the 2 strips

ok, thats still operational

now i try to replace the LED power repeater
by building my own power PWM outputs with IRL530PBF
a LOGIC LEVEL n MOSFET datasheet

so start a ARDUINO PWM output via a 100R to
(pin1) Gate of IRL530,
(pin3) Source to GND
(pin2) Drain to LED strip
and it worked
wired 3 IRL530 to 3 PWM outputs for RGB

but functional behavior and color was strange
then i remembered that the LT 3060 controller input was related to V+
and now the PWM switch the LED current ( to GND )
i had to change the program parameter PWM_invert to FALSE / upload / ok

running without coolers on the MOSFET i now drive 21 RGB LED,
i dont know what current i could drive, Imax with cooler is 15ADC
have to test later with bigger load
here you see my uDUINO with power I/O
used for LED strip and connected FTDI adapter (programmer)

as it is operational, i can start now with a prototype

now this is the homebuild replacement for the LT3060 and the ADRUINO UNO with a proto shield,
together costs about 50€, replaced by parts less 10€
and for 12€ get it with 2 RGB channels, replaces 70€ of products.

only have the parts for RGB channel A, but more ordered

here see it with the programming adapter, a ARDUINO 2009 without cpu
from 2009 header to cpu pin ( also header on prototype )
RESET ---- pin1
G N D ---- pin8
D0 RX ---- pin2
D1 TX ---- pin3
if my uDUINO not on power ( 12VDC ) need also
V5+ ---- pin7
what actually comes from PC via USB

now have to work on the software project, new requests come in.
from wiring already more pushbuttons are prepared
idea is that with same board, other software we not run 2 RGB ( one pushbutton each)
instead 6 LED dimmer, so each PWM needs his own pushbutton
for ON / OFF, intensity ramp UP / DOWN , like a touch dimmer
as i used D13 ( like on arduino board ) as a indication LED
( it shows at reset and at any pushbutton pressed)
i run out of D in's, now have to use one A in as a D in.

with the hardware delivery in, i could finish the board to 2 RGB outputs
a load test still not done, board and 21 RGB LED (70cm strip) full on, use 240mA only
but while testing i turned the board 180 deg and connected 12VDC to Din
cpu "MOUSER1" R.I.P
more bad news, tested one IRL510 ( instead of IRL530 ) and could not control,
but drives constant 100mA??? more tests required

now tested that MOSFET, and a new one and a 100A type.
its clear now that that mosfet is burned, the new works fine as all other i tested

here the 6 dimmer code V0.2
and the 2 RGB code V0.7
including some bug fixes and 3 predefined shows,
MAIN enable switch input (A1)
an ALARM function input (A2)
when contact open show WHITE 2 sec, RED 2 sec, BLINKING,
even if MAIN switch is OFF

pls find more documentation ( sorry, lost when editgrid shut down its service ) here