Posted by kll on February 21 2013 22:50:16
From DFRobot ( via THAIDUINO ) i got a LCD, its 128 * 64 px
or 4 lines with text each char as 16 * 8 px

for datasheet see ST7920

for order need:
SPI LCD Module 695THB
Interface shield 453THB
Shiftout cable 90THB

its about 27€
there is no documentation available!
but here some pictures:

on the back of the LCD panel is the connector for the shiftout cable from the
interface shield. In the software Pin 3,8,9 are used,
so its not connected to Arduino SPI
select by switch SPI on and BL (backlight) ON
with a poti can adjust the backlight

for learning i play with the
-- logo ( load a graphic display )
-- writing the 4 lines ( must have each 16 (unsigned) char)
-- show some measurement data

until now i did not find a library to operate graphic

as next step i made a small menu system on the LCD,
-- mainpage, 3 submenu
-- 3 submenupages with each 3 job links

the selected menu line is indicated

operation is by 2 buttons,
Pin6: a loop over the 4 lines,
Pin7: right / select ( submenu or job..)

pls see code

as there are the same questions as i have also in the ARDUINO forum
i come up with the idea to put the big LOGO code and the menu text code
from RAM to FLASH, because the ARDUINO UNO atmega328 only has 2kB SRAM

pls see code