PHP-Fusion CMS

2013, when i started this webpage i used a Content Management System
i worked with ( even developed on ), now its old, not up-gradeable, dead?
still the work with it is logged here.

table tool 1
itune demo
itune demo DE
SVG font custom page

CMS Content Management System PHP-Fusion
i use and work with this CMS for some time, actually 2 current MODs
are included ( and available for download ) here

as v8 still a dream start new with PHP-Fusion v7.02.06
and install my theme itune, as current revision V726V1
pls. see also download area
- it includes also many ready skins
- a infusion for edit skin online
- and skin switcher panel.
! if you select THEME ITUNE and don't see the header menu
adjust administration / systemadmin / site links
so these menu entries have to be SUBHEADER ONLY

so current THEME: ITUNE, selected SKIN: BEACH AERO

currently work on a web font, a character set with SVG instead of pixel pictures
( in every size optimal resolution )
add with german characters and soon
with more 3D effects.
the font comes as a php array variable ( on ASCII dec 0 .. 127 ++ )
and a php function TEXT to SVG.
see more and this example

a configurable php / mysql tool to make and show and edit a database table
from within the CMS, using its rights levels Guest, Member, Admin, Superadmin.

see example here at Navigation menu Table tool1
sorry, the related admin tools can not show to guests
and find it under downloads TABLE TOOL
and read more about it at Articles / PHP-Fusion work / TABLE TOOL

add i made a DEMO SITE