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DATA to GOOGLE spread sheet

prior info

following a tip from a friend using a arduino (YUN) and save data to a google spread sheet
i was very impressed by following websites:
Using Google Spreadsheets for Logging Sensor Data
Temperature Logging to a Google Spreadsheet with an Arduino Yun

independent from the project:
a PID / closed loop control of temperature
using DALLAS temperature sensors
and servo for allow heat flow
( possibly document later )
the data handling is very interesting, so i want to try it also, but without YUN or WIFI shield
i will use the RPI. ( pls consider that as a alternative compared to the high priced arduino ethernet / WIFI components )

follow the steps in above manual to copy the spreadsheet,
at first i only make a copy the sheet and rename it.
[setup logging] [setup script]
[script editor]
[publish][deploy as web app] [ save new version]
Who has access to the app? [Anyone, even anonymous] [deploy]
now copy/save the resulting URL!
and add to it a "?" and your column names ( and "=" values ) separated by "&" 11:12:59&TEMP_PV=2.0&TEMP_SP=3.0&OUTPUT=50
and it worked ( just from a browser call ).
we know that arduino might not provide a valid date/time ( unless it has a hardware clock )
so it would be a good idea for a geek to change the script to:
if column = "timestring" and value = empty, use system time...
currently i would not know how to do, just a idea.

later i organized the spreadsheet file ( for our group access ) and tested the add record script again and included a chart.

next step

possibly you want to read that too