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workplace setup

i show you many photos with arduino ... boards and breadboard and wiring,
but that parts flying around my desk were a pain in the ass,
but when i rip it apart and stored it away, then i remembered that i should have tested one more thing.

first i wanted a acrylic board and fix the arduino on it,
next a kind of aluminium stand,
but i was thinking more about the storage, protect from dust, but keep the breadboard wiring...
and now go for a plastic box, 80 cent kitchen ware.

the boards are fixed inside of the cover, the screws will be on the outside, means downside
when you work.
so that's the criteria you have to look for when you select the box. the cover must lie flat on the desk,
not on the screw heads!
first i wanted a flat box, but now go for a min 10cm deep one, can store cable..., and still have
some components and wiring on the ( then downside hanging ) breadboard.

i looked long time already for some screws to fix that stuff,
first i got very cheap long ones, and use them for the breadboard ( not using the glue backside )
and as in example2 use a plastic straw as distance "pipe" both sides of the board.
well, not too strong, but electrically i fell much better with it
as with the expensive distance screws what might short me something on the boards.

now as that was a easy thing to do, it might be that some of the
expensive ARDUINO STARTER SET sellers do same as good service for their customers.