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some more hardware to play with

for special requirement MODEL AQUARIUM work on a current limit electronic

well, it works, but because the control thinks like this: I limit = 1.2 / ( R1 + P2 + P3 )
the (higher) current is only with a second pot adjustable, if no LOG POT is used. Now for newcomers, the supply voltage INPUT V(DC or AC/rms) can be calculated: Vsmin = 2V diodes + 3V LMcontrol min + ( Rc (1 ..120ohm) + Rload ) * Ilimit below that LM is not in current limit mode, above that the Higher Voltage generates only HEAT P= ( Vs - Vsmin ) * Ilimit [W] ( heatsink required! ) With that understanding the knowledge about the LOAD and the current limited is critical for choosing the supply voltage in the rage 5 .. 40 V. While this parts here on the island cost me about 10$ i think they are usually available for 5$. Here now the version for 5 Aquarium with adjustable current each ( 0.01 .. 0.06 A), because no heat sink and no power resistors are needed, i estimate a overall price of 10$.
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