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i had the project with a ethernet shield for arduino doing a web server for measuring data.
because i sell this shield i wanted to buy now a wireless shield,
but i just buy the WIFI ARDUINO

actually its this board

and adjusting the example SimpleServer to my router i got it running.
example WebServer did not compile ! need adjust apps-conf.h of LIB.

the 2-pin JST connector gives me a problem, still dont know what adapter i need/ and where to get it from,
because this ARDUINO will mostly NOT run on USB.
and Vcc via USB drops down to 4.2 Volt..

now must first port my old project to Arduino 1.0 and adapt it to this WIFI board.
( my ethernet web server has rev 1.3 / arduino 0022 )

now that was V1.4,
if you are lucky its online at dyndns
and what i could try next???
first i included some more description in the SOURCE, see TAB "info"
and as many others i got stuck at the analog setpoint input
HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, jquery RGB slider, GET from FORM
URL to PWM bytes...
but it looks GOOOD now.
i rearranged the hardware I/O,
1 toggle output
3 pwm output from slider set point ( for RGB LED )
via LT3060 power repeater or 3 IRL530 )

1 push button input

all based on the example SimpleServer, here the code V1.5 incl library and following screenshots

main HTML screen has a password login to

data screen with 1 digital input ( user PB) , 4 analog input
and one toggle operation for digital output.
there is a button to screen RGB

where with 3 sliders / also 3 input fields / color set point can be adjusted
the mixed color is visible in the top area, the values in the input fields
at slider operation are updated
and a PWM text visualisation shows the URL GET info,
what is send back to WIFI server , arduino, 3 output PWM, power repeater, LED STRIP
the RGB slider here also online ( can use save and run local too).

pls find also the optional logging to USB port.

for a use as webserver for POWER METER DATA pls. see my EMON project.

after i play with DS1820 digital temperature sensor ( see other article )
i build it together with my LUX sensor into this WIFI-arduino project.
use compiler switches to disable the old stuff like
- user login and Dout web operation
- RGB slider


now find this version at downloads