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industrial control on RPI?

when i read MagPi66 page 9
i suddenly wake up, after long time without a play-project this sounds very interesting.

a (distributed) control system design software what can use a RPI as a (networked) controller.

cdpstudio as free home-edition

setup ( via win7 PC ) a 32GB USB stick:
+ etcher (v1.3.1) burn Raspbian Stretch with desktop
( ahm, if the RPI has to be the controller (PCU) only the "RASPBIAN lite" should be better )
+ copy ssh and wpa_supplicant.conf files
using RPI3 board, bootup from USB stick and
find RPI_IP from win7 PC with advanced IP scanner (v 2.5.xxxx)

working mostly "headless" with bitvise SSH client (v 7.39) login with RPI_IP, pi, raspberry
change password for user pi with
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ passwd
Changing password for pi.
(current) UNIX password:raspberry
Enter new UNIX password:newpwd
Retype new UNIX password:newpwd
passwd: password updated successfully

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade Y
and according manual:
sudo raspi-config enable SSH ( already )
sudo apt-get install rsync ( already newest version )
usually i rename the device ( like "RPI3")
set time zone and enable VNC..
( using win7 PC with RealVNC viewer v 6.17... )
and config a fix RPI_IP by sudo nano /etc/dhcpcd.conf

now the cdpstudio system software ( install to win7 PC )
first connection to RPI3
download: from WINDOWS CDPStudioinstaller-32bit.exe 17MB ( what downloads many MB more...)
give name and email, ( and get a email some days later from )
CDPStudio CDP 4.4 select Raspbian JESSIE 32bit ( and i unselect windows target systems )