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RPI and search for code editor

now, as it is nearly the first time i work with *.js files ( and using nano )
i wanted to find a way about edit them with a better editor / with syntax highlighting ...
first to say that the 3 IDE i have already, arduino , blueJ, greenfoot start very slow and ( i think ) can not be used just for edit .js files.
so, on RPI i install:
sudo apt-get install vim-gnome
sudo apt-get install vim
nano .vimrc

and on PC i use
notepad ++ with nppftp ( for edit files at RPI remotely )
or Bitvise xterm ( putty )
there is a more complex remote thing called MobaXterm
looks like a good environment for Win PC work on Raspberry Pi remotely .. SSH
vim xxx.js
( even i not like the command interface of vi / vim / it is much better as nano for this)

well, but why i forget?
on all RPI the first thing i install is mc ( midnight commander )
// on the win 7 PC i use the "total commander"
and it has a internal editor "mcedit" what i, for no reason i not selected for default, never used.
but it is a good one, you can even call it from CLI, when mc is not running, by mcedit ...

and on desktop same, just also use mouse!

and, used from CLI with
sudo mc
makes you a very powerful administrator all the way: copy, edit, delete!

when you use the
you get the GEANY editor

very good, just i think it not runs under ssh putty.